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Alumni Speak


IndusInd Bank (Service Delivery Manager)

Joining IILM enriched me in ways I hadn’t expected. It provided me with a platform I could explore my talents and grow as an individual. I got an opportunity to develop my leadership skills, communication skills & managerial skills. IILM actually, apart from giving me the requisites, has provided that one thing which I expected from my B-School - those multiple opportunities to explore myself and hone my skills by doing rather than studying!


Moody's (HR Service Associate)

Every individual who joins any B-School has one major aspiration – to make big in life and I am so glad that I chose IILM Lucknow as my way to success. The support and guidance from faculty with the perfect blend of opportunities and learning I got there, gave me a life which I planned for myself. I still get nostalgic remembering the times spent in Canteen or the ones spent on Industrial tours. Those two years were definitely a blessing for me.


HDFC AMC Ltd (Resident Manager)

2 years at IILM were undoubtedly the best years of my life. When I look back now, I realize how IILM helped me in shaping my personality & infuse self confidence in me. It was an enjoyable & rigorous journey. IILM continuously thrives to bring in best talent by personal grooming of each student. Excellent placements, supportive faculty & abundant opportunities is what distinguishes IILM. I would really appreciate my Director Naela Rushdi ma'am & my placement Manager Saumya Rastogi ma'am because these people were always there to guide & support me throughout my journey at IILM.

Aanchal Kapoor (PGDM 2011-13)

Axis bank (Assistant Manager)

I believe that life is not about finding yourself but it is about creating you, IILM has played a major role in creating me the PGDM program brought about a comprehensive transformation in my personality I have grown into a complete person during my 2 years at iilm both as a person as well as professional Term. IILM has not only given me the superlative exposure to various facets of life but also the liberty to do things my way. I will always cherish this wonderful days of my life proud to be an Iilmian.


Divya Chaturvedi (PGDM 2013-15)

Grey Graph Technologies (HR Executive)

The facilities and quality of teaching provide a rewarding learning environment. My learning experience at IILM has been very positive. The faculty at IILM is a great mix of people from the academia and from the industry. Our Director Dr. Naela Rushdi needs a special mention and appreciation for her cooperation and kindness throughout my IILM Journey. The concept of mentors is the best part of this college. Insights from industry speakers and live projects are some of the areas that plays important role into our career development. Beyond the transfer of knowledge, my memories of the course will remind me of the relationships formed with both instructors and students who were so supportive. The course, especially the workshops, Live projects, Internships enhanced my communication and leadership skills to prepare me for my career and for corporate life. Frequent seminars, discussions and debates on current events will help students keep themselves updated with the industry trends. I appreciate the opportunities provided by IILM and as an alumnus I would like to guide others who may need help just like I did.

Pragya Shukla (PGDM 2012-14)

Idea Cellular

The journey at IILM was no less than a merry go round for me. IILM made me experience different colours of college life all under one roof. The eminent faculty members, students from different backgrounds and the wonderful campus all add to the beauty of my memories at IILM. It’s been a long time since I graduated from IILM yet I can still feel an attachment towards the college where I excelled both as a professional and responsible Human Being. With due course of time IILM has also seen many advancements by opening PGDM programme, having mentoring sessions and more which I think is glorious to know about my Alma mater It was unnerving to join a city college hailing from a remote setup. But IILM made me comfortable from the very first day and this I believe is the USP of the college. My friends, mentors and the faculty, all made me feel a part of themselves, a part of a family which we call IILM. And this family has always been there to motivate me and help me achieve what I set out for.


Priyanka Kaur (PGDM 2011-13)

Skyhigh Infraprojects (Sr. Project Coordinator)

College !!College life was new to me. All I can now recall is that first presentation, that first interview for placements, those events we organized talks, hanging out at canteen and every now and then exams was always fun and exciting here. I learnt good problem handling skills and stress management meeting deadlines by completing a week-long assignment overnight which compelled us to stay up all night. Those 2 years of my life was really good.. I can sense the changes in me .I was encouraged appreciated criticized and discouraged time to time... But it always added towards my learning and help me to learn and become better with every step .. I miss IILM it definitely what's the best thing that happened to me..

Nidhi Srivastava (PGDM 2013-15)

XL Dynamics (Sr. Financial analyst)

IILM for me is more important than classes of business and management. It gave me insights about myself about my strengths and weaknesses .The exposure was only a limited to the boundaries of academic but was much beyond that it provided me good education environment in which I could test new possibilities leading to professional advancement .I drop old assumption and acquires new insights. I would be always indebted to it for what I am today is because of the education imparted at this wonderful institution.


Harsh Srivastava (PGDM 2014-16)

XL Dynamics (Financial Analyst)

Been at Iilm has been fascinating adventurous and above all a very enriching experience for me. I am forever thankful to all my teachers for guiding me to the right path and pushing me to pursue it no matter what. iilm provided me with the new numerous opportunities at corporate level,the life projects and the various other activities have been and lighting experiences I am proud to be a part at Iilm family.

Aakash Kumar (PGDM 2014-16)

Rak Bank (Dubai)

The diverse experiences here have helped me integrate & channelize my aspirations in the right direction. I was looking for a platform to perform which I found here. I believe few decisions we take change our lives and turn our path towards success & excellence. Joining IILM lucknow was one such decision. I feel proud and confident to be a part of this institution. - Looking forward to reaching new heights !

Gaurav Gupta (PGDM 2011-13)

Kortek Magic Mike (Dy. Marketing Manager)

There is no elevator to success and the stairs of hard work is often difficult and tedious But IILM has been those stairs for me which made my way up easy and enjoyable. I explored the person I am and got opportunities to evolve. The times I spent in campus are among the ones I truly miss. IILM has not only given me the right exposure and learning but also some amazing friends and some experiences.


Abhay Karan (PGDM 2012-14)

Origins Group (Asst. COO)

Though its now been around 2 years when I last attended classes at IILM, I still vividly remember my time at campus because it has given me a whole box full of sweet and adventurous memories and experiences. I still feel good when I remember the accolades I got during the time from my teachers and friends but more so I am thankful to them for their positive criticism and nurturing guidance that still helps me do good not only at workplace but in my personal life as well. One thing which i can say without a doubt is that IILM is one of the best thing that happened to me.