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PGDM(Finance) Programme Structure

The program endeavors to create specialised finance professionals. It seeks to develop strong knowledge of finance and accounting concepts, in addition to analytical and problem-solving skills of students with special reference to Finance domain. The program creates a framework within which the students develop a holistic approach towards busines and recognize the interplay of finance with other disciplines. The curriculum of the program is designed in such a way that students will first acquire a generalised understanding of all management functions and then delve deeply into the various facets of Corporate Finance as well as Financial Services. PGDM Finance is the go-to program for students having a keen interest in the exciting world of investments, portfolio management, borrowing, securities analysis, fundraising, credit, collections, fintech, taxation, international finance and in general, managing the financial pulse of a business.

IILM Credit Sheet PGDM(Finance) 2021-2023

Term 1  (26 July 2021 – 30 October)CreditsHours
Micro Economics330
Financial Accounting220
Quantitative Methods330
Design Thinking and Creativity for Business330
Legal Aspect of Business220
Organizational Behavior and Change220
Excel for Business220
Personal Leadership Programme (with Purpose)330
Term 2 (8 November 2021- 05 February 2022)   
Corporate Finance 330
Operations Management330
Competitive Strategy330
Management Accounting 220
Human Resource management330
Personal Leadership Programme (with Purpose)330
Term 3 ( 07 February 2022 to 30April 2022 )  
Business Research Methods220
Business Analytics330
4 Electives 12120
Personal Leadership Programme (with Purpose)330
Year 1 Total66660
Summer Internship  
Faculty Interaction, Group Discussion, Self Assessment6 
Social immersion /SIP Preparatory workshop3 
Term 4 (01 August 2022 – 21 October 2022)  
4 Electives 12120
1 Elective ( Swayam )330
Dissertation Workshop330
Personal Leadership Programme (with Purpose)330
Term 5 (27 October 2022 to 20 January 2023)  
4 Electives 12120
Personal Leadership Programme (with Purpose)330
Term 6 (23 January 2023 to 31 March 2023)  
Dissertation 660
Online (SWAYAM) course330
Year 2 Total54450
Total Credits1201200
Note: Electives are offered in the Core Finance & Financial Services Area