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IILM focuses on overall development of its students. It also enables us to be industry ready with better curriculum and a separate Career Development Centre to enhance the skills of students. We have highly experienced faculty members who are always ready to show us the right path. It has very good in-class infrastructure and our library provides us with innumerable resources to enhance our knowledge. Overall, it is a wonderful experience being a part of IILM.


The time I have spent at IILM has been joyful. There are friendly, well qualified teaching staff and multiple knowledge sharing opportunities. I can clearly say that I am developing my knowledge and skills very efficiently at IILM. More importantly, the preparation done and individual attention given by the college is ideal for industry readiness.


“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me one another chance, I wanna grow up once again." This line stood true and real when I came to IILM and I realise that it was one of the best decisions I had ever taken. It gave me the chance to explore myself and helped me polish and enhance my skills. The activities held have helped me to develop my self-confidence. The best part of IILM is we are part of a family. And this family has been of great help and support.


IILM is an electrifying platform for personal transformation. It provides an opportunity to dip into the ocean of knowledge. The PGDM programme is focused on one's future according to the industrial trends. The well-structured programme, the pedagogy and the experienced and enthusiastic faculty who impart peerless knowledge have ignited my life and I proudly call myself a part of IILM family. I want to especially present my heartiest gratitude towards Director Ma'am, Dean Ma'am, My Counsellor (Dr. Jyotishree Ma'am) and all the respected faculty members for blessing me with the enlightenment, the enrichment and the empowerment.


IILM gives its students a unique experience & opportunity to be industry ready with best in-class infrastructure and highly experienced, knowledgeable and supportive faculty for overall development of students. As it focuses more on making its students familiar with changing market scenarios, numerous Live Projects & Guest Lectures are organized, wherein reputed personalities from IIM and Corporate Sector are invited. IILM also believes in enhancing skills of students and so there is a separate Career Development Centre for the same. For me, IILM is the place where I am confident about my all around development from where I will be able to take my career to new heights.


At IILM Lucknow, I have found a new family. The atmosphere of the college and the extravaganza of events encourage students to develop a holistic personality. The faculty is remarkable and the corporate trainers are extremely experienced. Spending two years here have developed me into an efficient professional, ready for future endeavors.


IILM offers a unique combination of learning & self-development. I received support & guidance from Faculty Members & the Placement Team. Comprehensive Training Programs offered by Career Development Cell of IILM helped me to continuously add value to myself and my career.


I thank IILM and all Faculty Members for putting in efforts to create such a warm and accepting learning atmosphere. They have groomed and enhanced our skills by giving us practical training. The mentoring of students is what I appreciate the most. It bridges the gap between the teachers and students. The Training and Placement Cell is excellent.


IILM provides a unique opportunity to its students, wherein there is significant growth in their personal lives and their professional careers. The institution provides us with quality infrastructure along with highly experienced faculty, enabling us to learn and grow as individuals. IILM emphasizes on team work, inculcating the skill so that we are ready to efficiently perform our managerial roles in the future. Overall, IILM enables us to improve in all sectors and develops us according to need of the industry.


Being a student of IILM has been an enriching experience for me. The environment has not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality. I wish to extend my gratitude towards all members of the IILM Family for their support and altruism.


IILM has made me a strong and independent woman. The faculty and especially my mentor support me in grooming my personality and help me to become a better individual. IILM provides us with the finest education and numerous opportunities to enhance our skills. Here, at IILM, I look forward to a bright professional career.


IILM is a great institution for pursuing Higher Education. Joining IILM was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it has greatly helped in shaping my career. I have received tremendous support from the Placement Cell & the Faculty Members. Mentors allotted assisted me in identifying my inner skills and strength. I feel blessed, since I spent two years of my life here. Thank You, IILM!


It was a wise decision on my part, taking admission in IILM. It gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow. I have explored different things and participated in various activities, that has resulted in self-growth and confidence building. The faculty members are always supportive. The campus is beautiful and full of limitless prospects.


I had always dreamt of being a management student. After joining IILM, I found that it offers a mixture of both theoretical knowledge and real life practical knowledge. The faculty is very helpful and supportive. Career Development Centre keeps us updated regarding the current recruitment trends and also notifies us when a vacancy arises. They always provide us the assistance that we require for our overall development and improve our technical knowledge. This has helped me in planning out my professional career.

DIAA (PGDM 2019-21)

IILM offers you an opportunity to pursue a progressive PGDM programme, that gives the students an edge over others pursuing management courses. At IILM I have been able to recognize my potential by taking part in educational as well as cultural programs. There is a well-charted course structure and when coupled with experienced faculty proves academically beneficial for us. I consider this institution as the last step on the ladder of becoming a manager.


For me, IILM is a place of learning with fun. IILM has given me the opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn a number of things. I am thankful to all the Faculty Members of IILM for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.


I believe that there are very few moments in one’s life when one feels genuinely fortunate. One such moment in my life was when I joined IILM. It has taught me a great deal about management, networking, living life as it ought to be lived but most importantly to keep questioning, to never let the bug of curiosity inside me die. IILM has provided me with some amazing platforms where I was able to showcase my talent and unleash my potential. I will be eternally thankful to IILM, its esteemed faculty members and all the people associated with it for being a special part of my life.


IILM has given me a platform for improvement and betterment of my skills. The daily activities, assignments and case studies provided in class help me to learn more about real corporate situations. The college conducts Guest Lectures frequently where industrialists are invited to the campus to share their experience and knowledge. Faculty members are friendly and approachable. They make sure that the classes and sessions are interactive & interesting. My experience as a student is wonderful and I believe IILM is helping me to grow, develop and polish my skills.


IILM has a beautiful campus. I learn something new every day and my intellectual growth has become enhanced. The activities organized are student oriented. We get to experience working in various clubs, that are managed entirely by the student body. I enjoy each day I spend here in the companionship of the friends I have made.


I am extremely grateful to the IILM Family for their dedication in helping each student become a Corporate Leader. The Faculty is always ready to help us. There are many activities conducted in the college, and they help students gain insightful information to enhance their personal and professional lives.


I'm pursuing PGDM from IILM and would like to thank the Faculty Members for all their support. After joining IILM, I have been able to develop my leadership, time management and team management skills. The infrastructure of IILM is one of the best in Lucknow. There is transparency in the college and any student can approach the Dean and Director with their problems, receiving the best solution possible.

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