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Requirements {ESSENTIAL(E) or DESIRABLE(D)}
  Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor
Qualifications and experience as per AICTE guidelines. E E E
Proven research leadership in the field D E E
Demonstrated ability to deliver effective teaching at PG level. E E E
Strong commitment to research, and an ability to publish D E E
Ability and demonstrated commitment to undertake administrative and managerial tasks within, and on behalf of the Institute E E E
Good interpersonal skills and an ability to relate well to colleagues and students E E E
Leadership and management skills E E E
An ability to perform to required deadlines and to initiate, plan ,organize and deliver work E E E
Awareness and involvement with industry in the region E E E
Active in Training/consulting D D E


Salary: Salary is given as per AICTE norms. However, higher salary is offered to the deserving candidates.

Provident Fund: IILM staff is eligible for provident fund which is operative with the Commissioner of Provident Fund, Govt. of India, as per the Provident Fund policy of Govt. of India.

Loans: Loans to faculty & staff members are provided (subject to approval) for house building -- major repairs/new purchase; daughter's or dependent sister's marriage; serious illness -- hospitalization of self, spouse, parents and unmarried children; natural calamities and on similar compassionate grounds; purchase of own vehicles (two-wheeler/four-wheeler) and for higher education of children.

For Leave & Holiday please refer to Employee Handbook

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